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Published on 03/22/2019
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Handjob, Cuckold, Multiple cum,

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Premature hubby cum twice

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Anonymus May 23, 2020 10:00

how dare you foocking coohm

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Anonymus November 13, 2021 20:12

When my wife wants to make me cum 2 or 3 times she does this. She lubes my cock with lotion and starts her stroking of my cock. She varies the speed and stroke length until I am starting to thrust with her strokes. She knows I am close to cumming. She says that she watches the tip of my cock to see when the pre-cum starts to ooze out of my cock. She knows that I am starting to cum at that point. She will then stop the stroking and plug the tip of my cock with her thumb to stop my cum. When I recover, she starts stroking again, repeating the process. She told me she looks for my pre-cum again but this time it is not so clear and looks like normal cum, milky in color. As soon as she sees the first drop of this second pre-cum, she stops again and plugs my cock tip with her thumb. By now I am almost begging to fully cum. After relaxing from the second round, she starts on my cock again. Sometimes she tries to stop my cum again but mostly by now she cannot see the initial drop of pre-cum and I just explode with cum all over her hands. It is a great feeling you should try it.