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Published on 10/17/2020
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Chastity release, Tease, Massage,

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My Hands Made Him Cum In Under 2 Minutes After A Week Of Teasing

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Anonymus November 13, 2021 19:59

In the shower, my wife will jerk me off using soap as lube for my cock. She will lather up my cock with the bar of soap and start stroking in the shower. We are both standing and she is facing me using both of her hands. I tell her to use both hands around my cock so it feels like her pussy around my cock. Within a few minutes of stroking with both of her hands I am ready to cum. If she can sense that I am going to cum, sometimes she will stop for a minute to get me more ready. When she starts stroking again I will typically cum within a few strokes. She likes to make me cum in the shower because it is easy to clean up, she says.